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I am a Licensed Psychotherapist, Author, and Educator, with 27 years clinical and 20 years teaching experience. It is my firm belief that to be successful as a therapist, a practitioner has to use an eclectic, progressive, psychotherapeutic approach, as well as be familiar with the healthcare system. When working with clients I focus on solution oriented, effective, symptom relief methods. I also understand that individuals are complex and often psychological and emotional concerns cannot be separated from family dynamics, issues pertaining to sense of self, work related stress, and physical health. When necessary I collaborate with all healthcare professionals (Ex. Doctors, School Social Workers, Physical/Occupational Therapists, Gerontologists, and other mental health specialists) to create a ‘think tank’ approach to treatment.


Deerfield psychotherapist

I never stop learning. My work experience includes Inpatient Psychotherapy, Intensive Outpatient Psychotherapy (IOP), Crisis Intervention, Medical Case Management, and Private Practice work. I have been working with individuals, couples and families as a clinical professional since 1995. I incorporate traditional Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral theories with Brief Solution Focused Psychotherapy, Self Hypnosis, NLP, Qi Gong, Meditation, Breath Work, and EMDR to effectively help clients with a wide variety of issues. 


For the last 20 years I have been conducting Wellness, Clinical, and Peak Performance Seminars (see Seminar page) for medical professionals, as well as community and corporate groups. In 2003 I began lecturing on the use of psychological techniques to Generate Creativity for writers, composers, artists, and/or anyone who desire to tap into the 'Creative Self'. My passion for the creative process took me on a journey into screenwriting, children's book writing, and lead me to becoming a creative director for, a children's publishing company specializing in the Synergistic E-Reading System (SERS), merging musical theater, Grammy Award winning performers, and interactive literature for early readers. My partners and I have recently launched Growing With Stories LLC, a digital publishing company focusing on children's literature promoting empathic reading, with a portion of proceeds donated to charitable causes. It is our belief that stories can unite people, and to some extent, heal the world. 


I fell in love with Psychology and Social Work when I was very young, and I continue to love this field more and more with every passing day. I have met some of the most caring, loving, talented and brilliant people as a result of my profession. Not a day goes by that I do not learn something new. I am forever grateful to all my teachers, mentors, clients, and colleagues. 

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