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Eugene Roginsky psychotherapist

I am a Mental Health Professional, Author and Wellness Educator with over 27 years of clinical experience. My company Bridge2Horizon Wellness Resource LLC,  provides individuals, couples, and families face-to-face and telehealth psychotherapy services, along with clinical education. Bridg2Horizon is expanding. We are currently offering corporate wellness and consulting programs. Please follow LOGO-link bellow. My book, Eva's Memory Garden, is presently on sale in both English and Hindi. Ira and his amazing friends are returning in their latest adventure in December of 2022. Aria's Song will be available on Amazon early 2023. 

Eugene Roginsky psychoterapist


For decades the people in Eva’s fishing village said that The Gray Mountain was too dangerous to cross. The elders spoke of deadly beasts and weather conditioners impossible to survive. Until one day, young Eva, accomplished what everyone thought could not be done. Eva’s Memory Garden is a story of one girl’s heroic journey over Gray Mountain to save a river, bring back the laughter of children to her village, plant a Memory Garden, and leave a legacy as The Earth Whisperer.

Book for kids from Eugene Roginsky
Psychotherapist, LCSW
Psychotherapist, LCSW
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{ Psychotherapist, LCSW – Coach
{ Psychotherapist, LCSW – Coach
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I always had three passions in life:

  • Psychology & Psychotherapy

  • Film 

  • Writing

Please look over the projects I have completed or currently involved in. 

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My mission is to provide integrative, and empathic Psychotherapeutic Approach to treating individuals, couples, and families, as well as offer superior Wellness Education. 

Eugene Roginsky psychoterapy service
Eugene Roginsky psychoterapy coaching

CEU Education

Eugene Roginsy Education

Wellness Classes

Eugene Roginsky wellness classes

“Eugene Roginsky is a practitioner who can make very complex concepts understandable to all participants and at the same time, provide valuable techniques and strategies that can be incorporated easily into one’s life in an ongoing wellness program. I highly recommend him as a consultant/ presenter to any individual or organization that is committed to better health.”

” I have attended several in-services offered by Eugene. He offers ‘nuts and bolts’ practical techniques which I have found helpful to me in my busy, often stressful work life. His presentations are alway to-the -point, filled with information, and understandable.”

Testimonials by Eugene Roginsky

Irene Lerner

Associate Professor at National Louise College

Testimonials by Eugene Roginsky

Eric Jacobson RN

Provider Relations Liaison for a Hospice

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