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Tilly Freedman

Tilly Freedman

Tilly Freedman’s passion for art began at a very early age.


She is a native of Highland Park, Illinois, and a student at Northwestern University. Tilly began drawing and painting at a very young age.  Beginning in elementary school, her artistic ability was recognized after winning an Art Excellence Award. She began formal education in art via local art center where her work has been frequently displayed.  Tilly’s artistic style and voice truly developed in her late teens when she fell in love with oil painting.  With inspiration ranging from the great Neoclassical painters such as Jacques-Louis David, to more modern artists such as Kehinde Wiley, Tilly’s unique style consists of traditional techniques with a modern flare.  Tilly’s painting have been displayed throughout the Chicago-land area.  Her work has also been featured in an exhibit at Artery Fine Arts in Naperville, IL. 2015. 

She continues to be commissioned for art work as she continues pursuing her art education in college.  Tilly met Eugene Roginsky in the Spring of 2014 and became excited to bring the character of Ira to life.  Tilly’s goal was to make the story characters lively and relatable to kids.  She looks forward to creating more adventures for the incredible earthworm who wanted nothing more but to fly.


“I fell in love with Ira because he lives inside every child.  He is innocent, brave, inquisitive, and desires nothing more than to befriend, and learn about others.”



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