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"There's always room for a story that can transport people to another place."

J.K. Rowling



About Magic of Story Press LLC


     My father told me bedtime stories every night. He called them ‘five-minute tales’ even though they lasted longer. I remember wanting them to never end, literally fearing the words, ‘the end’. An engineer by profession, he was born with an incredible imagination, untapped by daily responsibilities and the political climate. I often thought that he should be a writer, but being an immigrant with children to support, my dad focused on working two jobs.


     His days began at 4:00 am. He worked on Saturdays. And though always exhausted, he never missed our magical story time. My dad told me tales of heroes and villains. He transported me to distant lands and took me on journeys every child could only dream of. When I was a teen, after ‘five-minute tales’ stopped, I realized that a single story could give hope, provide an escape, inspire creativity, foster empathy, entertain, and most importantly, bring people closer together. And so, decades later, Magic of Story Press was born.


     We, the founders of Magic of Story Press, are embarking on an adventure. It is our hope to bring books that celebrate the human spirit, while inspiring courage, and building empathy, in young readers. It is our dream to use stories, as a way to unite children across the globe, focusing on universal themes. I believe that when one truly pursues what one wants, on that path, the individual discovers what one needs to grow as a person.


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     Magic of Story Press launched its first product Eva's Memory Garden, available on                 Amazon. 


“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”

Rudyard Kipling

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