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Clinical Staff: Ask about Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit opportunities. Most topics can be adjusted to provide CEU options to Registered Nurses, Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists, Therapists and Licensed Nursing Home Administrators. Continuing Medical Education for Physicians available. 

Writers: I would be more than happy to answer any questions on:

  • Generating Creativity

  • Psychology of Character and Personality Types

Wellness seminars

 for the general public and healthcare professionals 
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE: Essential seminar for anyone in sales, attorneys, presenters (public speakers) and athletes. Learn to preprogram your mind with any emotional state and access it at will, any time. Learn to cancel out unwanted habits, negative self – talk and unproductive behaviors triggered by self-doubt, and anxiety. Take your performance to the next level.

  • BREATHING TECHNIQUES FOR LIFE LONG HEALTH: Learn unique breathing methods designed to increase energy, lose weight and improve memory. Go beyond the standard ‘diaphragmatic breathing’ taught by mental health professionals. Experience powerful, ancient Qi Gong breathing, Slavic Breathing, and Dynamic Tension breathing rarely seen. This is an excellent lecture for mental health professionals, medical professionals and anyone simply seeking effective ways to enhance health.

  • ADVANCED BREATHING TECHNIQUES FOR LIFE LONG HEALTH: This Part II of the popular ‘Breathing Techniques for Life Long Health’ workshop is designed for individuals who have been utilizing the material from Part I for at least six months. Also included are Group Breathing techniques.

  • SELF HYPNOSIS FOR PEACE OF MIND: Learn absolutely original and effective self- induction techniques designed to overcome insomnia, decrease stress, enhance memory and increase concentration. A crucial lecture loaded with wellness techniques that will bring you a ‘peace of mind’ even during the most stressful of times. (CEU Options for Healthcare Professionals)

  • SELF HYPNOSIS FOR PEACE OF MIND PART TWO: Create a self hypnosis program based on Positive Self Affirmations and properly structured suggestions.

  • MASTER SECRETS OF PERSUASION: Become a master of negotiation. Learn to have control over any meeting, contract deal or job interview. Establish quick rapport with even the most difficult people and have them listen to you.

  • ADVANCE RELAXATION TECHNIQUES: This seminar is loaded with relaxation techniques never before taught to the general public. Go beyond the standard Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) or Guided Imagery commonly encountered. This lecture combines the most effective techniques utilized in Europe and Asia.  (CEU Options for Healthcare Professionals)

  • ESTABLISHING RAPPORT WITH ANYONE AT ANYTIME: Learn effective ways to communicate with anyone. Strike up conversations. Leave positive impressions. Take first steps to establishing trust. Overcome awkward silent moments in conversations. Learn to hear instead of just listening. Be heard and understood in return.

  • HAVING DIFFICULT CONVERSATION:  There comes a time when we are forced to have difficult conversations with loved ones, children, friends, and colleagues. Learn techniques and strategies that will help you through this important process. (CEU Options for Healthcare Professionals)

  • HOSPITALS 101: MY LOVED ONE IS IN THE HOSPITAL. NOW WHAT?  Hospitals can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. Learn 50 most important things you must know when you or your loved one is in the hospital.

  • SUBTLE SIGNS YOUR CHILD MAY BE BULLIED: Excellent lecture for parents, social workers, and teachers.

  • DEFEAT INSOMNIA AND HAVE GOOD DREAMS DOING IT: After briefly discussing various forms of insomnia, dangers of insomnia and potential causes for insomnia, the seminar covers over 10 method of falling and staying asleep. Strategies to overcome insomnia using music, breathing, imagery, concentration, muscle constriction, blinking, and much more are covered in this technique focused 1.5 H=hour lecture. (CEU Options for Healthcare Professionals)

  • WHEN PAIN IS TOO MUCH: STRATEGIES IN OVERCOMING A LOSS OF A LOVED ONE: Nothing can erase the many layers of emotional, psychological and even physical pain of losing someone you love. This seminar is not designed to stop the pain of loss. This seminar covers coping strategies, stages of grief, and discusses the mourning process. (CEU Options for Healthcare Professionals)

  • INCORPORATE MEDITATION INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE: No hocus pocus. Learn the psychology behind meditation. Several methods of meditation are explored. Lecture also includes group meditation (excellent for mental health professionals to be utilized in psychotherapeutic groups). This seminar will help you decrease stress, increase memory, enhance concentration, generate creativity and productivity, gain coping skills, and experience what may be your ‘true self.’ (CEU Options for Healthcare Professionals)

  • CO PARENTING THAT WORKS: Seminar for couples.

  • LOVING BLENDED FAMILIES: Co parenting strategies and approaches for long lasting love.

  • OVERCOMING TEST TAKING ANXIETY: Excellent workshop for teens, college students and adults.


  • TAKING CARE OF THE PARENT: Defeat Stress While Working from Home

Seminars for writers

  • RELEASE CREATIVITY AND NEVER HAVE WRITER’S BLOCK AGAIN: This seminar explores some of the most effective methods designed to tap into the creative unconscious. The material covered is crucial for writers, artists, musicians or simply anyone desiring to explore his or her creative self. Releasing Creativity is the same lecture requested and presented at the annual Screen Writer’s Expo in Hollywood California.

  • ADD PSYCHOLOGICAL DIMENSION TO YOUR CHARACTER (for writers): This character development seminar is presented at the annual Screen Writer’s Expo in Hollywood California.

  • DESTROY PROCRASTINATION AND COMPLETE YOUR CREATIVE PROJECT: A seminar designed to increase energy and boost work ethic. 

Seminars for healthcare, mental health, and

corporate professionals

  • ESTABLISHING RAPPORT WITH ANXIOUS PATIENTS (for Healthcare Professionals): This seminar covers advance techniques in building instant rapport with individuals suffering from anxiety and/or are in distress. Learn to diffuse tension utilizing quick, soothing, and subtle techniques everyone needs to know. The program is excellent for social workers, nurses and/or anyone working in a medical setting.

  • PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA: Diagnosis and Treatment options. This is a two-hour lecture designed for clinical professionals.  (CEU options)


  • STRESS OUT !! DEFEAT STRESS AT THE WORKPLACE: Original techniques designed to overcome work related stress, increase productivity, fall in-love with your job, and find meaning in your life.  (CEU Options)


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