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In-Home Psychotherapy working with:

  1. Depression and Mood Conditions

  2. Anxiety and Phobias

  3. Life-Stage Issues

  4. Grief and Bereavement Counseling

  5. Postpartum Depression

  6. Couples and Family Therapy 

  7. School anxiety 

  8. Disability issues

  9. Pre-Marital Counseling

  10. Medicare and Commercial Insurance Accepted

  11. All licensed psychotherapist 

  12. Currently seeking new partners to join our team

  13. Telehealth Psychotherapy, Counseling and Coaching


Phone: 847-975-2331

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Clinical and Community Wellness Education Programs

  1. Bridge2Horizon offers Continuing Education Programs (CEU) for Registered Nurses, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors (LCPCs) and Licensed Nursing Home Administrators (LNHAs). Bridge2Horizon speakers have spoken nationally and were keynote speakers at healthcare conferences.

  2. We are presently providing Community Education to families, corporate groups, and educational institutions.  Our mission is to bring topics that impact individuals, families, students, and professionals. Please see our EDUCATION PAGE  for programs available. 

  3. Bridge2Horizon Wellness Resource will design an educational or wellness program on demand. Give us a chance to create a seminar, lecture, or a series of workshops that meet the unique needs of your institution. Please call for a complimentary brainstorming consultation.

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