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My new interactive books for parents, teachers, and early readers.

Discussion questions following the illustrated story.

Magic of story press company

For decades the people in Eva’s fishing village said that The Gray Mountain was too dangerous to cross. The elders spoke of deadly beasts and weather conditioners impossible to survive. Until one day, young Eva, accomplished what everyone thought could not be done.Eva’s Memory Garden is a story of one girl’s heroic journey over Gray Mountain to save a river, bring back the laughter of children to her village, plant a Memory Garden, and leave a legacy as The Earth Whisperer.

Ira's Amazing Adventure

What would you do if everyone said you could only do one thing? Would you believe them, or would you try to prove them wrong?


That’s what Ira, a friendly, colorful earthworm, faces in author Eugene Roginsky’s Ira’s Amazing Adventure: The Flight. After being told by his peers that earthworms were only born to dig tunnels in the soil, Ira travels up the root of a plum tree to have an incredible adventure.


Join Ira as he smells flowers, sees his own reflection in the water for the first time, feels the touch of a raindrop, meets Pete the joking bee, and flies for the first time.

Beautiful illustrations by Tilly Freedman help bring Ira’s adventures to life.


Promoting interactive and empathic reading, Ira’s Amazing Adventure: The Flight includes chapters offering thought-provoking discussion ideas for parents, teachers and children to share after the story.

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